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Move your body - DANCE🌟💜

So the theme for this last week has definitely been focused on moving the body more. I have been dancing each morning and connecting deeply with my body.

Movement is so important to help allow the energy to flow fully, yet I do not feel I have the same opportunities to dance and move as I used to, before I had my daughter. I definitely danced my way through a lot of my twenties, but thus far in my foray into my thirties, I haven’t moved my body enough, and it likes to let me know these days!

Life has changed a lot and the hours I used to spend stomping and wiggling and dancing are hours I rarely see in that capacity anymore, and free time has been difficult to come by. Lately I keep receiving the same message though, I need to dance more, to connect with my body more, to facilitate the flow of energy through my being more. So here I am, feeling into my body and trying to express what it holds through movement.

To dance is innate. Look at children, dancing beautifully to their very own beats. I absolutely loved to dance when I was a child. I remember dancing in fields for hours, connecting with my body through nature. I wasn’t even dancing to any external music most of the time, just the sounds that accompanied me and the songs that flowed into my head.

Recently I have been remembering the dances of nature that I felt so excited to be a part of when I was younger; the way the wind flows through the grass and how every blade knows the routine is sublime.

My whole life I have heard people saying that they can’t dance. At some point I became self-aware about this and also started to think that I couldn’t dance; I never learnt to dance in any capacity, I have never been able to follow a choreographed routine, even a really slow one, and my brain really struggles with rhythm. But dancing doesn’t really come from the head; for me it is something to feel into. I dance for myself, for my body and I love how it feels when I let go into that.

Dancing is an expression of self, of creativity, of beauty, of divinity. It enables us to rejoin the dance of life that we are a part of, but sometimes forget about.

There is no such thing as not being able to dance. You simply start moving your body and you are dancing. It is not about what other people think, it is about how you feel. As you start to move your body more, and connect with your body more, the dance your body wants to enact will become more evident. Let go, let yourself flow, fall into the energy that is already there, wanting to move through you.

I am going to try to do this more, because I can feel the energy desperate to flow, and I am the vessel it needs to flow through, in order to play my part in the dance of life!


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