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Welcome bright souls!

I am Hannah, the creator of Soul Temple.

I am a writer, mystic, soul-healer, transformational coach, and spiritual channel.

I have created Soul Temple to be:​

  • Your space for healing and transformation.

  • A place of soul-led guidance in which to discover the truest essence of your soul.

  • A temple space offering sacred activations, transmissions, and initiations, designed to enable embodiment of your purest essence.

  • A community for like-minded souls on a healing and awakening journey.

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Hello beautiful beings,

I would like to welcome you all to your space of healing and transformation. 

My name is Hannah Sinead Hogan and 

I am here to help guide you on your healing and awakening journey and to help you embody your divine essence.

I am here for those of you who are searching for greater meaning within their life, relief from cycles of pain and struggle, or who is simply curious about a soul-led path. 

This lifetime has given me a vast array of experiences in preparation for my role of helping others traverse their darkness and find their way on their own healing journeys.

I am here to guide you through the obstacles that are blocking you from connecting with yourself and the light within. 

My own path has given me many opportunities to learn and surrender, over and over, and I am now called to share the wisdom and skills I have gained along the way. 

The profound adventure of moving into alignment with our soul’s purpose can be an incredibly tumultuous one. Stripping back the dense layers that surround our truest selves takes time, energy, and self-compassion. This is a path that needs guidance and support that goes beyond conventional methods. 

I have dedicated myself to the journey of healing, opening, surrendering, and awakening. I have ventured into and through my own darkest depths again and again, and in doing so I have enabled the magical energy of the universe to flow fully into my life. This is a continuous journey that I am endlessly grateful to experience and I hope now to help you find your own place within it too. 

We are all so much more than the body and the mind that many on this planet identify with. We are all powerful beings and, in this important time here on Earth, more and more of us are awakening to this truth. 

Through my life experiences I have been propelled on a rapid, transformational journey and I have repeatedly stepped beyond the patterns and cycles that held me trapped in the darkness. 

Through extensive work I have been able to deeply connect with my own true self and rediscover the beauty and magic that I hold within. As a result of this inner work, my outer world has increasingly reflected this beauty and magic. 

I have spent years studying and training to supplement my life learnings and the gifts I came into this world with. I commit to continued growth through learning, as well as a dedicated daily practice to ensure my personal alignment with a soul-led life. I incorporate into my own life and journey a vast array of practices, modalities, teachings and systems. 

Through this work I have been able to dig deeply into the core of my issues and release blockages at incredibly deep levels. Through connecting with the amazing energies of our Earth and Cosmos I have been able to align with my soul’s path, and now I would love to help you do the same. 

Alongside this I use my natural intuitive and empathic gifts, that enable me to see and feel the true essence of each soul, to guide you to step into the parts of you that are yearning to be experienced and expressed.

I am also working more and more through sound. Using my soul gifts, my healing voice, and the energies and languages that flow through me, I am utilising these precious tools more and more to create healing spaces for myself and those on this planet.

I invite you now to enter into the Soul Temple and discover your soul essence. 

In this space I will work with you to identify anything that is keeping you from living a fully aligned life. Whether you experience this as a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue, by working with it on an energetic level we can focus on releasing it from its core. I will work with divine energies and draw from my own studies and life learnings to remove the blockages that are holding you back. I will enable you to unlock your inner magic and find your soul-led path. 

Thank you beautiful beings for being here, I look forward to working with you!

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